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Rainbow Sherbet Whip Freelet / Carnelian, AAA Citrine, Fuchsia Pink Agate, Tigers Eye + Rose Quartz / 4 (7in) / Blk Swn Krystalz

Rainbow Sherbet Whip Freelet / Carnelian, AAA Citrine, Fuchsia Pink Agate, Tigers Eye + Rose Quartz / 4 (7in) / Blk Swn Krystalz

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Rainbow Sherbet Whip Freelet / Sensuality + Joy  + Attention + Personal Power + Love
Carnelian, AAA Citrine, Pink Agate, Tigers Eye +  Rose Quartz

Size: M / 7in / 177mm 
Bead(s) Size: 4mm 


Restorative Vibrations:
•Carnelian: is the crystal of passion, sexuality, pleasure and desire. A natural healer of sexual abuse and trauma. Carnelian promotes greater sense of self worth. Confidence, strength, and deservability. 

•Citrine: "Happy Stone" bright and positive nature. Light hearted with an uplifting attitude! Citrine makes it easier for us to laugh and smile, life is golden! Be happy now.

•Pink Agate: packs a punch known as the crystal of support, agates are stabilizing and grounding with a dreamlike quality. Scorpio Energy. Fushia Color Theory: hot, festive, vibrant, stimulating, flirtatious, wild, exciting, theatrical + playful.  

•Tigers Eye: is the crystal of personal power, courage + ability to lead/educate. Excellence thru dedication to success, big bold decisions, erases any issues of self doubt. 

•Rose Quartz: is the crystal of “unconditional love” and infinite peace. Attract a soulmate or enhance your existing relationship. It’s easy to love unconditionally and accept love from others without hesitation. Promotes gentleness, kindness, beauty, romance and affection. 


Crystal Affirmation:
•Carnelian: “I honor my body and embrace my sexuality. I allow myself to have pleasure and enjoyment.”

•Citrine: "I embrace joy by choosing a sunny disposition and positive outlook regardless of my circumstances." 


 •Pink Agate: “I am so comfortable in my femininity, as I am highly protected, it guides me.”


•Tigers Eye: “I am courageous. I am powerful, I am confident.”

•Rose Quartz: “I am kind and loving to others, and such, I attract more love into my life.”


Listing is for one single bracelet (1/1) original.


Disclaimer: Gemstones and minerals are designed to enhance the wearer’s own energy + intention. They do not replace consultation or treatment by a medical or mental health professional or physician.


Selection: All Bracelets are designed to be worn snug on the body.
(Do you need a specific size? $5 custom fittings.)


Crystal Care: Keep your jewelry dry + Roll on and off body when taking on or off. 


Handmade jewelry. Made to order. Please allow time to invoice, create/adjust + ship.
No returns or exchanges. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.


Size Chart

Child/Small: 6in / 152mm 
Medium: 7in / 177mm  
Large: 8in / 203mm 



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