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Angelfish Bubbles Bracelet / Rose Quartz, Hematite, Howlite, Pyrite, Jade, Opalite, Tigers Eye, Moonstone, Pearl + Rhodochrosite / 6mm - 4mm (7in) / Blk Swn Krystalz /

Angelfish Bubbles Bracelet / Rose Quartz, Hematite, Howlite, Pyrite, Jade, Opalite, Tigers Eye, Moonstone, Pearl + Rhodochrosite / 6mm - 4mm (7in) / Blk Swn Krystalz /

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Angelfish Bubbles Bracelet / Self Love, Good Fortune, Peace + Protection
Rose Quartz Wands, Hematite, Howlite, Pyrite, Nephrite Jade, Opalite, Tigers Eye, Moonstone, Pearl + Rhodochrosite

Size: M / 7 / 177mm
Bead(s) Size: 2mm - 6mm

Restorative Vibrations:
•Rose Quartz: is the crystal of “unconditional love” and infinite peace. Attract a soulmate or enhance your existing relationship. It’s easy to love unconditionally and accept love from others without hesitation. Promotes gentleness, kindness, beauty, romance and affection. 

•Hematite: one of the heaviest crystals, it is known for it's grounding properties - stability, security and strength. Hematite helps to ground those who typically exist in higher realms. Nothing can faze hematite. 

•Howlite: is the stone of meditation: calming indeed, this stone dispels pessimistic chatter and negative thoughts be gone! It aids in releasing insomnia and enhances deep sleep. 

•Pyrite: is the stone of Financial Flow - Abundance, Magnetic, Determination, Excellence, Focused, + In-tune.  It is often found nearby or within gold deposits symbolically reminding us to never give up, yet be not foolish with your finances. 

•Jade: is the crystal of good luck, good fortune and good health - abundance and optimism. It helps you attract prosperity happiness and well being in a long wonderful life. 

•Opalite: is an opalized glass admired for its milky creams like oranges, teals with glowing blues ranging from cyans to ombre into deep ultramarine depths. This human-made crystal is known for its clearing properties. 

•Tigers Eye: is the stone of personal power and super strength, Siberian tigers can weight up to 400kg ( which is basically two lions)! Similar to Siberian Tiger’s super strength energy/confidence + determination prepare for bold action. 

•Moonstone: is the crystal of care, connecting us to our divine God energy. A symbol of strength and tradition and mysterious beauty. With its optical phenomenal fractures it bends light into colored rainbows attracting new beginnings, doors are open, and guides us to make decisions carefully. 

•Fresh Water Pearl: is a gem of serenity, wisdom, purity and purpose. It has a wonderful calming effect and keeps you grounded. With their feminine energy it aids in an overactive yang energy.

•Rhodochrosite: is the crystal of soothing energy to humbly healing the heart chakra, it promotes forgiveness and self-love. 


Crystal Affirmation:
Rose Quartz: "I am kind and loving to others therefore my love is reflected back.”

Hematite: " I am grounded, I am stable, secure in my strength."

Howlite: “I take time to meditate. When I filter out negative thinking, I attain inner peace.”

Pyrite: “I receive money from unexpected people in unexpected ways. I make use of my financial flow.”

Jade: “I am grateful for all of the good fortune that I have as more blessings flow into my life."

Opalite: “I clear away old thoughts and patterns ready to usher in the new!” 

Tigers Eye: “I am courageous! I am powerful! I am confident!”

Moonstone: "I am connected to my feminine side, I always balance caring for others as well as my own needs.”

Fresh Water Pearl: "I am sincere, in my tranquil truth, I am enough."

Rhodochrosite: "I embrace the past knowing that it it has shaped the person I am today."


Listing: is for one single bracelet (1/1) original


Disclaimer: Gemstones and minerals are designed to enhance the wearer’s own energy + intention. They do not replace consultation or treatment by a medical or mental health professional or physician.


Crystal Care: Keep your jewelry dry + roll on and off the skin when adding longevity to the jewelry. 


Handmade Item: Made to order, so please allow time to invoice, create / adjust + ship.
No returns or exchanges.


Size Chart

Child/Small: 6in / 152mm 
Medium: 7in / 177mm  
Large: 8in / 203mm


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