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California Dreams Bracelet pt.1 / Apatite, Nephrite Jade, Pink Agate, Moss Agate, Fresh Water Pearl + Labradorite / 4mm - 8mm (6in) / Blk Swn Krystalz /

California Dreams Bracelet pt.1 / Apatite, Nephrite Jade, Pink Agate, Moss Agate, Fresh Water Pearl + Labradorite / 4mm - 8mm (6in) / Blk Swn Krystalz /

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California Dreams Bracelet pt.1 / Inner Knowing, Self Showing + Magic
Apatite, Nephrite Jade, Pink Agate, Moss Agate, Fresh Water Pearl + Labradorite

Size: S / 6 / 152mm
Bead(s) Size: 4mm - 10mm


Restorative Vibrations:
•Apatite: the crystal of "intuition" or "gut reactions". It helps us attract a more conscious lifestyle that supports our needs and strengths. 

•Nephrite Jade: is the crystal of good luck, good fortune and good health - abundance and optimism. It helps you attract prosperity happiness and well being in a long happy life. 

•Agate: is a grounding crystal and balancer of Yin and Yang Energy. Agate stops the desire for things we do not need. 

•Moss/Tree Agate: is the crystal of inner strength. Facing challenges helps you grow and give you opportunity to become a stronger person. Tree Agate helps the immune system when fighting infection. 

Green Kunzite: is stone of universal love! It reminds us to be optimism! It encourages creativity, humility and a willingness to serve. You getting ready for some church bells, when you are getting serious about attracting a romantic partner, strengthen bonds with family members, or people whom you admire. It helps us focuses on giving freely, uplifting spirits, focuses on fun and joyous energy.

•Fresh Water Pearl: is a gem of "serenity", wisdom, purity and purpose. It has a wonderful calming effect and keeps you grounded. With their feminine energy it aids in an overactive yang energy.

•Labradorite: is the crystal of "pure magic". Has life gotten dull and mundane almost clockwork repetitive? Labradorite brings the sparkle back into your life, by promoting the grounded energy and the labradorite twinkle (*referred to as flashes) its mystical magic deflects negativity. It helps you raise your spiritual consciousness. 


Crystal Affirmation:
•Apatite: "My body is my temple, I have the insight to make the right choices with my habits. I choose decisions that nourish my body and soul." 

•Jade: “I am grateful for all of the good fortune that I have as more blessings flow into my life.” 

•Agate: 'I seek to understand with compassion and love. I am not trying to fix anything but hold space for al parties to be heard. I want to live in a freely giving society." 

•Moss/Tree Agate: “During tough times, I have what it takes to remain calm, steady and strong.”

•Green Kunzite: "The air fuels my body with every deep breath to be playful and jovial!" 

•Fresh Water Pearl: “I am in harmony and humility with my Mother Urth.“ 

•Labradorite: "I add sparkle to every day moments, Serendipitous events find me through out my day filling my cup with a mystical radiance." 



Listing is for one single bracelet (1/1) original.


Disclaimer: Gemstones and minerals are designed to enhance the wearer’s own energy + intention. They do not replace consultation or treatment by a medical or mental health professional or physician.


Selection: All bracelets are designed to be worn snug on the body.
(Do you need a specific size? $5 custom fittings.)


Crystal Care: Keep your jewelry dry + roll on and off body when taking on or off. 


Handmade item. Made to order. Please allow time to invoice, create/adjust + ship.
No returns or exchanges. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.


Size Chart

Child/Small: 6in / 152mm 
Medium: 7in / 177mm  
Large: 8in / 203mm 



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