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Carnelian, Nephrite Jade, Phosphosiderite, Fresh Water Pearls + Golden Obsidian / 4mm - 8mm (6in) / Blk Swn Krystalz

Carnelian, Nephrite Jade, Phosphosiderite, Fresh Water Pearls + Golden Obsidian / 4mm - 8mm (6in) / Blk Swn Krystalz

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Cactus Bloom Bracelet / Royalty, Balance + Stability 
Carnelian, Nephrite Jade, Phosphosiderite, Fresh Water Pearls + Rainbow Obsidian

Size: M / 6in / 152mm 
Bead(s) Size: 4mm - 8mm 


Restorative Vibrations:
•Carnelian: is the crystal of passion, sexuality, pleasure and desire. A natural healer of sexual abuse and trauma. Carnelian promotes greater sense of self worth. Confidence, strength, and deservability. 

•Nephrite Jade: is the crystal of good luck, good fortune and good health - abundance and optimism. It helps you attract prosperity happiness and well being in a long happy life. 


•Phosphosiderite is believed to bring balance and stability into the life of its user. It has a calming energy that is thought to relieve stress and encourage relaxation as an aid to restless sleep. Meditate with the stone to open the Crown and Soul Star chakra for better understanding of the spiritual realm.

•Fresh Water Pearl: is a gem of serenity, wisdom, purity and purpose. It has a wonderful calming effect and keeps you grounded. With their feminine energy it aids in an overactive yang energy.


•Rainbow Obsidian: provides grounding, rainbow Obsidian works on the root chakra to instill our relationship with the Earth. It's also believed to bring alignment throughout the body chakras, remove negative energy, and amplify gratification and joy.

Keep rainbow Obsidian on your person and meditate with it, as it might help you cope with emotional difficulties throughout the day.


Crystal Affirmation:
•Carnelian: “I honor my body and embrace my sexuality. I allow myself to have pleasure and enjoyment.”

•Jade: “I am grateful for all of the good fortune that I have as more blessings flow into my life.” 

Phosphosiderite: ”I am stable. I choose to feel secure in my own skin and emit light into the universe.” 


•Fresh Water Pearl: "I am grounded and centered when I am not in control. I am flexible in loving myself and therefore loving others."


•Rainbow Obsidian: "I am grounded and thus the earth helps me to release toxins from the air so I may thrive and enjoy my sunshine!”


Listing is for one single bracelet (1/1) original.


Disclaimer: Gemstones and minerals are designed to enhance the wearer’s own energy + intention. They do not replace consultation or treatment by a medical or mental health professional or physician.


Selection: All Bracelets are designed to be worn snug on the body.
(Do you need a specific size? $5 custom fittings.)


Crystal Care: Keep your jewelry dry + roll on and off body when taking on or off. 


Handmade item. Made to order. Please allow time to invoice, create/adjust + ship.
No returns or exchanges. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.


Size Chart

Child/Small: 6in / 152mm 
Medium: 7in / 177mm  
Large: 8in / 203mm 



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